A Years Fishing at Three Ponds

A year’s fishing in 250 words
Another year has passed at Three Ponds, and with that another fishing season. There have been highs and lows, catches and blanks, but overall a fairly productive season once again.
The season started with a new lake record, one of the supposed “uncatchable” carp was landed at an impressive 26lb 4oz, caught by none other than park owner, Dave Barlow. The fish, full of spawn, was caught in about the third or fourth weekend in March, on a 48hr session.
So after that successful start to the season more was to follow.
The season really started to kick in around May/June time when huge bags of Tench were being pulled out. Some in excess of 10 Tench in a day being caught by a single angler. Tench of over 9lb had by our own Damien Watts and several 7/8lb Tench as well. There was also another carp to come out at 21lb.
The first of our three annual competitions took place on the 5th June and was won by Alan King. The second was on the 7th August and the trophy was taken home by Bob Torbett. The third competition was held on Heron Pond on the 18th September with Alan King again taking first place. For our fourth competition we decided on a pike only match down on Heron pond. This was held on the 30th October and was won by Craig Currie.
So there we go a whole season summed up in 250 words. So now that the ice is out, my gear is packed away in the shed for the winter, so until next season, tight lines.
Matt Barlow

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