Ode to Three Ponds

Of ponds we have three
They’re a pleasure to see
With pond life you’ve ne’er seen the like
If you do but search
You’ll find Tench, Carp and Perch
And even some large fearsome Pike!

Each one of our lakes
A beauty spot makes
And we have got lizards and snakes
Moorhens, coots, ducks and drakes
And rabbits that breed by the score.

We save on our water
Just like we all ought ter
And, though it’s a bit of a pain
We don’t use hoses
To water our roses
But water butts filled by the rain.

We sort out our bins
Paper, card, bottles, tins
Recycling is what we all do
It’s taken out
For re – use there’s no doubt
It saves waste, and saves landfill too.

We’re a happy old crowd
Of our park we are proud
But we still like to have us some fun
With Barbie and wine
We can have a great time
Then we clear up, when all’s said and done.

We have birds and Bees
And some rather fine trees
There are creatures of daytime and dark
Its a gem of a place
Brings a smile to your face
It’s Three Ponds – our Holiday Park.

david_belamy_s.jpgBy Ron “T” to support Three Ponds application for a David Bellamy Award.


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