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Welcome to our new website – we hope you like it. One of the things that we wanted to do for the visitors to our website, especially those who are thinking about getting a caravan, is to give you a taste of life at Three Ponds Park. So, we’ve added a Blog (journal) to the website.

Hopefully if you read on you’ll get a really good idea of what life is like at Three Ponds Park and why so many of our residents love the time that they spend here as much as we do.


  • Dodie Devyea says:

    Since March I have spent two separate weeks in my new country retreat, the weather was magnificent on both occasions. I have made some lovely friends already. I went to the disco on The Royal Wedding day with my neighbours Jim and Carol…. it was great fun and really nice to see Barbara and Roger back.I thought I would miss my other van in Dorset… no way!. I can’t wait to get back … to the tranquil setting of Three Ponds. Dodie

  • Dodie Devyea says:

    I purchased a caravan in November 2010..can you believe it was the first week of heavy snow..woke up on Wed morning to a blanket of white and very deep…pipes frozen you name it but I cannot express my gratitude to the owners, my new friends ..everyone was so supportive…my tele went on the blink a neighbour who I had met for 5 mins loaned me his spare…they were all so kind and what a beautiful setting , so picturesque, I can’t wait to get down there in March. Dodie

  • Annie Tewkesbury says:

    Can’t believe our first season has come to an end. Looking forward to March! We’ve had a lovely time, met our lovely new neighbours and explored around the area.

    The site is very well run, beautifully kept with exceptional staff. Looking forward to seeing David, Jo, Damien, Roger and Barbara next season.

  • Annie Tewkesbury says:


    we’ve just bought a lovely caravan on a great pitch – can’t wait for 1st March and the sunshine

    Thank you Jo and David for helping this happen

  • Annie Tewkesbury says:

    Visited Three Ponds yesterday for the first time, with a view to buying a van very soon. Very friendly owners.
    What a beautiful site, even in the pouring rain!! Very tranquil surroundings.

    The site is a credit to them both, we just hope we don’t have to wait too long to enjoy weekends there.

  • We have just bought a caravan on this park, cant wait to get started in March, we are so excited,my 29yr old son, cant wait to go down and do some fishing, sight even looks good in the depth of winter, cant wait to see it in the summer, role on March

  • Angela Kellock says:

    Moved onto three ponds in July and wish I had discovered it years ago. Beautiful site = Am not surprised they have got a David Bellamy gold award! My family enjoy the fishing – even my 5 year old grandaughter caught a fish at the first attempt. So sad the season is almost over as Ive so much more to explore. March 2010 cant come soon enough!

  • annette crawford says:

    Its certainly a great site ,visited recently looking to buy and was well impressed, would like to buy overlooking
    the lake .Hope something becomes available soon .We were shown around the site by a very friendly park warden I think his name was Damien he gave us a lot on info.and was very helpful .The best site we have seen nice people friendly and very welcoming all in a beautiful setting. Annette

  • What a great setting 🙂

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