“uncatchable” Carp

During the long cold winter Matt and I came up with a plan to catch one of Oak Ponds large carp that very, very rarely make it to a landing net.
The weekend of 26th March was decided upon.
Features were found, pre-baiting carried out and the traps were set.
Predicatable it was the Tench that showed up for dinner first, with Matt bagging a couple 6lb fish in the first few hours. I then wieghed in with a small but perfectly formed 4lb Tench, then fairly well into the night I banked a new Personal Best Tench at 7lb.
Then at 1.15am the line melted off my left hand rod, the one on our baited area. Immediately I knew this was no Tench!
After relatively short scrap the monster was in the net.
Not only was it a new best UK Carp for me but also a new lake record at 26 1/4lb.

All thing considered a pretty good session

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  • dave says:

    Hi, Thanks for the comment. No secrets as to how and what. The beauty was caught on 1/2 Cell Dumbell tipped with pop up corn on a size 12 Korda Wide gap B. Fish to the bottom of a gravel slope where the silt starts. Pre baited for a week with cell boilie chops, less than a Kilo, then fished over a spread of boilies, again not many. The theory was to keep everything small and light as it was early in the year and they weren’t really on it. Thanks again Dave

  • good skills, to be honest though i would like to see some more details but cracking work

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