Environmental Policy

At Three Ponds Holiday Park we are committed to providing a good quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

By encouraging sustainable practices it ensures the continued enjoyment of the local and global environment for future generations.

Three Ponds Holiday Park is proud to have been awarded by David Bellamy the Gold Accolade for six years running.

Professor Bellamy describes the award as “the green Olympics for Parks”. David Bellamy said “he was absolutely amazed when he discovered how much was being done by holiday parks to protect and enhance the environment. Many parks like Three Ponds Holiday Park have created wildlife wonderlands and I think it is time they were given deserved recognition for their efforts.”

In 2007 we were awarded the Gold Accolade for our outstanding environmental management of the holiday park and have maintained that title ever since.

The GTBS Award examines the companies practices in light of wildlife protection and enhancement, use of environmentally friendly items and systems and to what extent the organisation promotes and supports local organisations and businesses.


We Commit to:

* Actively encourage Biodiversity through plantingand Habitat improvement

*Promote Environmental Awareness through signage and newsletters

*Provide full recycling facilities

*Carry out and promote rainwater collection

*Ensure whenever possibleto use products that minimise impact on the environment

*Aim for continual improvement by attending relevant training

*Continue membership of GTBS, Bellamy Scheme and Wildlife organisations

*Take steps to improve the environmental efficiency of our vehicles

Our Policy Statement will be regulary reviewed and updated as necessary.


David Barlow

Managing Director

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