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Saturday, 16th June saw our first owners match of the year.  A pairs match fished on Oak and Heron Ponds.

The winner on Oak Pond was Dave Funnel with a great weight of 16lbs 12oz, he also had the best fish of the day, 7lb 7oz tench.

In second position on Oak was Matt Barlow with 7lb of roach, he also managed to loose 5 tench !!!!

Third place was Alan Mills with a great 5lb 6oz tench.

On Heron Pond the fishing was even harder with no tench showing, so it was a battle of the silverfish.

Bill Griffiths came out on top with 4lb 10oz of roach and bream.  Alan King scraped into 2nd with 2lb 4oz of roach and Jan Whitley came in 3rd with a bag of roach weighing 1lb 15oz.

The winning pair were, unsurprisingly, Dave and Henry  with Henry managing to add 10oz to Dave’s total.

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